Studentís Academic Progress Meeting 2016 (Master of Computer Science- MSCS)

Student Academic Progress Meeting, 2016 was held for Master in Computer Science (MSCS) students on 26th Dec 2016. Dr. Muhammad Usman (HOD-CS) and Dr. Azhar Mahmood (PM-MSCS) presented the road map of MSCS degree and also discussed individual student progress. The objectives were to explain the MSCS streams, its course and elective options to complete degree in time. Moreover PM and HOD guided them that how to choose research topics and, shared the new incentives for studentís research publications. In the end, new course offerings for Spring 2017 were shared with students and individual plans of each students were discussed. During discussion with students various queries and problems were addressed and the resolutions were given to the students to avoid any inconvenience in upcoming semester Spring 2017.

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